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As a result of the considerable increase in crime affecting our neighbourhood in recent years, a group of dedicated long-term residents and business owners launched Gardens Watch as an appropriate response. Gardens Watch has modelled its crime prevention and ant-grime strategy on the successful neighbourhood watch structures which already exist in the city bowl, and the Broken Window Theory of crime and grime prevention successfully implemented in New York two decades ago.


A neighbourhood watch is an organized group of residents and business owners who are devoted to crime and vandalism prevention within a neighbourhood. In other words, neighbourhood watch is a crime prevention scheme under which members of a given community agree together to keep an eye on one another's properties, patrolling the street - and reporting suspicious incidents to the police. The aim of neighbourhood watch includes educating residents of a community on security and safety and achieving safe and secure neighbourhoods through structured programs with its partners.


The Mission of Gardens Watch is to be a vibrant, inclusive and effective community based organisation that actively works with all law-abiding citizens, businesses and government agencies to develop a friendly, safe and caring neighbourhood where people can live, learn, work and play, without fear.

This will be achieved by:

  • Encouraging effective community cooperation and communication

  • Developing proactive partnerships

  • Promoting crime prevention activities that reduce crime opportunity

  • Empowering households, streets and neighbourhoods with regards to safety and security

We aim to achieve this by introducing:
  • Community neighbourhood patrols

  • Two way radio communication network that allows direct and immediate radio access to all active Gardens Watch members, police, armed response companies and fire services.

  • A platform for effective communication between members of Gardens Watch.

  • Collation of data on criminal activity from primary (victims) and secondary (police and armed response companies) sources by type, time and frequency allowing us to identify crime hotspots, trends and escape routes, and communicate this to Gardens Watch members.

  • A “specialised skills” database primarily focusing on areas relating to:

    1. Safety and Security
    2. Medical / Paramedical skills
    3. Fire and general disaster management
    4. Legal


If you are a home or flat owner, tenant, retiree, work from home, housewife/man, dog walker and are interested in improving safety in this area, your involvement will be most welcome. The effectiveness of this initiative is dependent on the active and continued participation of Gardens residents.

Please join us in making Gardens Watch work and Gardens safe. Speak to friends, neighbours and colleagues and convince them to sign up.



Trust – we build a community of neighbours who trust one another.

Caring – we care for one another and will go the extra mile for our neighbours, including providing victim support when affected by crime.

Alert – we are alert to watch out for suspicious people and vehicles.

Positive – we work together as positive people to make a difference to the crime situation.

Action-orientated – we do not sit back, we stand up and implement actions to improve safety in our neighbourhood.

Good governance – we have a clear structure and sound strategy based on our Constitution to ensure that we achieve our goals.

Relationships – we build relationships with the Police, security companies, businesses and other role-players to mobilise people against crime.

Community involvement – we believe that crime can be eliminated if the whole community is actively involved in the fight against crime, we therefore value any inputs and suggestions on crime-related issues.

Communication – we believe in open lines of communication and will therefore use all communications methods to reach out to one another.

Good citizenship – as good law-abiding citizens, we promote the value of citizenship and that is the reason why we say no to crime! Prevention – we believe that crime can not only be reduced, but also prevented if we can raise our level of awareness among residents.

Safety – we believe that most types of crimes can be prevented if we practice safety ourselves.

Visibility – our strategy and actions are based on the principle of visibility, the more visible we are, the lower the crime rate.

Responsibility and ownership – while we do form partnerships with other stakeholders, we believe in taking responsibility and ownership for safety in our streets. We can outsource security to reaction companies, but safety is our own responsibility. This is our neighbourhood, we have to accept ownership for our own safety.



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