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Gardens Watch  has a vision: it wants to see the streets of Gardens cleared of crime and grime. It wants to create an environment that encourages economic, social and cultural development in the cosmopolitan community on the fringe of the busy Cape Town CBD.  To this end, we have embarked on an aggressive program to tackle crime and to clean up the streets, pavements and public open places.

Neighbourhood Watches are not-for-profit entities. Our neighbourhood watch relies exclusively on donations and the goodwill of its volunteers. Running a successful neighbourhood watch requires funds to purchase day-to-day equipment and services (e.g. a radio repeater base station, handheld radios, patrol jackets, website development and hosting, pamphlet printing etc).

THE ONGOING LITTER PROBLEM - Since 2011 the Cape Town City Council no longer employs full-time street sweepers in our area, nor does it do regular street cleaning.  The City only organizes two street clean-ups a year, with some wards organising extra top-up cleansing if stretched ward budgets allow. The result of irregular clean-ups was very evident in our area. The two photos below depict how our area looked like between clean-ups.


In August 2017 Gardens Watch put out a call to local residents and businesses to make small donations towards a new area cleansing program. We indicated we would be sweeping pavements, clearing clogged gutters and rehabilitating areas where litter and squatting had made the area filthy and unhygienic. Some welcome donations poured in and we got straight to work. We raised sufficient funds to buy some basic cleansing equipment and immediately hired two part-time cleaners for the first few days.

Blocked gutters were unblocked, litter was swept up and tall weeds were removed by hand.  Within a week the transformation was clearly noticeable and residents were delighted with the results.

Our cleansing team now work three days a week after bin collection days.

Thursday is our bin collection day in Gardens, when most litter is generated.  Bin collection days attract many vagrants into the area who scavenge in the bins. Many of them don't put back what they took out of the bins while scratching for food and other things to recycle, leaving it on the ground.  If it is a windy day, this litter quickly spreads all over the suburb.


There are four major pedestrian thoroughfares in our area, namely Buitenkant St, Maynard St, Hope St and Hatfield St which are traversed by hundreds of pedestrians who walk to and from the CBD to work and back each day.  Many of these pedestrians toss food packaging, plastic bottles, cigarette packets and cigarette butts on the pavements.  This is compounded with nearby fast food restaurants where some careless patrons don't throw their trash in a designated bin.  We currently collect over 1000 large blue Council refuse bags of trash each month.

We have arranged with the city's Solid Waste department to remove the bags of litter at select collection points after our clean-ups.

WEED CONTROL - In December 2017 we experimented with various natural and biodegradable weed control spray formulas along some roads to see which methods  worked best on an affordable and sustainable basis. Since then we have perfected our own formula and clear all pavements and gutters of weeds twice a year in during September and March.

Crime and Grime fit hand in glove.  We strongly believe a clean, tidy area makes for a happier community experience, and shows criminals and vagrants that our area is actively managed and is not a place to bed down, make a mess or commit crime. 


Gardens Watch can not continue to keep our area crime and grime free without your generous financial support.  Over the last year we have demonstrated that we can reduce crime significantly, and can eliminate grime successfully on a very small budget of just R7 000 during a regular month and R10 0000 during a weeding month.

We would therefore like all home owners, flat owners, businesses owners and tenants to donate R100 or more a month, so we can keep the neighbourhood clean, safer and attractive.  That's the cost of just 1 cup of cheap take away coffee a week.

You can make your donations using two simple methods.

Firstly, you can do an EFT donation directly into our bank account (see details below), or use the popular Zapper smartphone phone app.

  • If you are a home owner or residential tenant please use your street name and street number as a reference.

  • If you are a business, use your business name and street as your reference.


1.)  EFT Banking Details:

Bank: Standard Bank
Branch: Thibault square
Branch code: 020 909
Account type: Cheque
Account No: 070645248
Account name: Gardens Watch

 2.) ZAPPER Donations - You can now make safe and secure donations to us in seconds!

Zapper is an easy to use mobile payment system that uses a ‘QR’ code for payment of goods, services and for making voluntary donations from your smartphone. Simply download the Zapper App onto your smartphone and register for the service  – takes less than 1 minute! Then scan the QR code below with your phone, enter the amount and the donation is done.

Download the app for Android

Download the app for iOS
Download the app for Windows Phone

Ursula cleaning up in and
around Jutland Park.

Ursula spraying the weeds.

Ursula deep cleansing areas previously
occupied by messy vagrants.

Alfred clearing weeds, gutters and
blocked drains.

Bags of litter removed by our team.



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