Join us and get involved in finding solutions for Gardens.

Date: 25 August 2021

Time: 19h00 to 20h30

Location: Virtual

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Introduction & formalities

Approval of the 2020 minutes

Introduce Col. Stephen from SAPS

  • His role at SAPS 
  • How Gardens fits into how SAPS polices the City Bowl
  • Community participation with SAPS

Committee Reports

  • Chair’s report for 2020/1
  •  Finance Report
  • Cleaning update
  • Responsive policing
  • Communication Strategy


Blood Drive – community event

Business of the meeting

  • Vote for the new committee
  • Vote on schedule 18A status
  • Tuin Plein discussion

Comments and adjournment

Gardens Watch is certainly a team effort. It is incredible how many wonderful people are involved in keeping our neighbourhood cleaner and safer, while still trying to care for our neighbours.  

THANK YOU to the Gardens Watch Executive Committee for volunteering so many hours of their time. Their efforts often go unnoticed and we want to recognise Werner, Marie, Clinton, Tanya and Nicky for all they do, as well as our super stars, Craig & Shameez who work tirelessly in keeping our streets clean every day!

We also want to acknowledge the many other role players whose work goes unnoticed. We hope we can build on the efforts from this year into 2021/2. 

Come introduce yourself and meet Gardens Watch in person at our blood drive, in association with Paddy’s and the Western Cape Blood Service.

Sign up as an active member of our community and show your support for our efforts

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