After exploring a number of security options for our neighbourhood, we keep coming back to technogical solutions (cameras) and building better networks within our own community and throughout the City Bowl.

License Plate Recognition (LPR) Network continues to show outstanding results:

LPR is a highly sophisticated camera system. The technology offers real-time alerts and an integrated response from security providers both private and public.

The LPR network is secure and interconnected, making it more difficult for criminals to move around without being detected. Conversely, an area without LPR is more vulnerable.

Crime often involves vehicles for quick exits and transport but also to blend in. With LPR cameras criminals are usually caught after two or three incidents, sometimes after a single incident (rather than 6+), and court convictions are very successful. The cameras also become a deterrent. A decrease in crime improves property value.

Unlike CCTV cameras where footage is usually viewed after the incident, the LPR system alerts the end users in real time. The system does not need to be manned continuously. This frees up crime fighting resources. The system works day and night, using high-tech software and strictly secured operational procedures. Although LPR will not stop crime altogether, the impact is nonetheless significant.

Gardens Watch working together with residents, Watchcom and Security Solutions Management

THANK YOU to Ryan Paterson from Glynville Terrace  for sponsoring the cameras and most of the costs for this initiative. We hope to demonstrate the value in investing in monitored cameras in our community.

We are running a 3-month trial of monitored cameras in Glynville Terrace. This street has become a hotspot for car break-in’s.

While monitoring costs are significant, it is less expensive than paying for physical guards and we believe it to be more effective. To demonstrate this, we are running a 3-month trial where street cameras will be monitored by Security Solutions Management. In the event that the Artificial Intelligence triggers an alert at night, Watchcom will be called to respond.

Watch this space for more details…

Our goal is to raise R70 000.00 and this will provide:

  1. Installation of an LPR camera and the associated software for a year
  2.  Our 4th community camera installation at the bottom of Hope Street
  3. Professional monitoring services for 12 months for street cameras with Watchcom and Security Solutions Management (Currently +-R600.00 per month/camera)

Many of our neighbouring Watches are investing in cameras because they see results! The focus has therefore shifted from patrols by Watch members to cameras, which work 24/7.

  1. Tamboerskloof (TBK) Watch has the most sophisticated camera system in the City Bowl in addition to pioneering Watchcom. They have invested millions in this infrastructure over the last 10-years.
  2. Oranjezicht-Higgovale Watch (OH Watch) has also started to invest heavily in monitored cameras with Security Solutions Management. They currently have about 30 cameras in operation.
  3. Upper District Six Watch has recently installed 6 new state of the art cameras
  4. Gardens Watch currently has 3 community camera installations as well as access to a set of  street cameras in Glynville Terrace, which will be professionally monitored in a 3-month pilot project. 

Our financial position changes month to month, which makes budgeting difficult. Our primary concern is to always cover costs for our cleaning project as we employ two full time staff members. We only have 25 regular contributors!

We really encourage you to make a regular financial contribution.

Our monthly income is R13,245.00
Our monthly expenses are R13,234.00

Currently there is no additional budget to invest in cameras so we need your support!

Donations to the camera project over R1,000 will be tax deductible as we have scheduled 18A status with SARS. Please email us with your details should you require the paperwork for a tax deductible donation.

Please use the reference CAMERA PROJECT with your donation.

Financial Support