Help Needed! April 2021

We need YOU! Without your participation, Gardens Watch will be forced to close. Our Exco’s 2020/21 term is also coming to an end in July and we need new blood and ideas. Our immediate priority is to continue offering our cleaning project but we need help running it.

We are looking for 2 or more volunteers to manage the project. The responsibilities include:

  • To collect blue bags with City of Cape Town Solid Waste (+-1000 per month). 
  • Be a contact person for the staff in the morning and/or the afternoon when they finish up.
  • Make a call on bad weather days – cancel or reschedule
  • Drive through the area 2 or 3 times a week to to check on the work and that the blue bags are collected.
  • Distribute the weekly performance bonus program (i.e. monitor attendance, attitude and effectiveness of staff).
  • Purchase consumables like brooms, gloves, weedkiller etc and submit a monthly recon.
  • Ensure that the phone is kept charged (electricity & airtime) and stored overnight.
  • Storage for our two wheelie bins. One is used as static storage for our equipment and the other is a portable toolbox/billboard for our efforts.

Hand over period: May 2021 – you can shadow Christine and learn the ropes.

Start date: 01 June 2021


We need a volunteer to manage our Instagram account which focuses on the Good News stories in our neighbourhood.

We would love to support local businesses operating in our area. There is significant potential in this position as social media presents a range of opportunities. We are open for ideas. 
Our instagram link

For example – we can support community members like Petrofski with his new business venture with Run Walk For Life.

Currently Gardens Watch has representation on both Ward Forums – 115 Ian McMahon and 77 Brandon Golding. This allows us an opportunity to have a say when City of Cape Town makes decisions for our area.

With Christine’s departure, we would like to continue having representation for Ward 77. We need a new volunteer.  These meetings happen once every 2 months and touch on a wide range of issues. 


Christine Capendale is departing Gardens, which leaves a huge gaping hole in Gardens Watch. We would sincerely like to thank her for all her efforts, in particular her work in streamlining and managing the cleaning project. She has been FANTASTIC!

We wish her and her husband Edwin all the best with their future plans.

Our financial position changes month to month, which makes budgeting difficult. Our primary concern is to always cover costs for our cleaning project as we employ two full time staff members. We only have 20 regular contributors!

We really encourage you to make a regular financial contribution.

Our monthly income is R14,322.00
Our monthly expenses are R13,794.00

Last month we raised only R6,197.00

  1. Camera Project we are hoping to work with Sloan Square for an installation around the Skateboard Park.
  2. Once off project – update database. We need 20 x volunteers to each contact 10 members and verify membership details.
  3. Tagging we want to remove graffiti and tagging that has become more prevalent in our neighbourhood. 
  4. Make our parks like Tuinplein and Jutland safer and more usable.
  5. Change BAD behaviour with more community outreach.
  6. Work with CIBRA in making positive changes in our community. 

Financial Support